Taking on DIYs.#1

     Hey friend! I've been thinking for a while now to make "Taking on DIYs" kind of a series here. I think DIYs are fun and I always wanna see if the things I see on Instagram, Facebook, pinterest, etc are even true. So that once you see me(a normal person , not skilled at … Continue reading  Taking on DIYs.#1


Vamos a España! 

Finally, we made it to Spain!      One of my dream vacation spots is Barcelona and I still can't believe I was there. Plus a bonus, Palma de Mallorca, which if you didn't know is just a ferries boat away from Barcelona. In Barcelona, sadly I wasn't there for that long so all we … Continue reading Vamos a España! 

Ciao Ciao Italy!

Florence   Pisa       Genova  


First stop Roma

So I recently just came back from traveling Europe. I was lucky enough to explore the countries: Italy, France, and Spain. This is my first time in these countries and one thing I recommend is, don't be scared to travel. It's great looking at all these places through a screen, why not go out there … Continue reading First stop Roma