Styling a Statement piece.


Hi friends,

Just recently I started to redecorate my room, so I don’t look like a hoarder. While redecorating/cleaning I found this hidden gem!



Once I found this I could not believe that I misplaced it! So you already know the next day I had to work it into my outfit.And this got me thinking…this purse is perfect statement piece to any outfit. One problem, one of my weakness when styling an outfit is getting such a statement piece into an outfit. I always like my outfits to flow. But I was able to make this bright red floral purse to go with the flow with some outfits!

Fun fact about this purse: my bestie got this purse for me, when she went on a trip to China a few years back. I thought this purse was always so awesome because if you ever have those moments where you don’t want to bring much out with you. This is an exact purse for that and it is not a pain to carry. It fits: my phone(which is a Galaxy s7 edge just so you know for size), keys (that have a load of key chains on it lol #keychainhoarder), lipstick, money, and ID. And there is probably room for more.

Working this purse into the outfits was not as hard as I thought. The colors that the purse are very easy to work with, it has blue, yellow, tan, black, and of course red.

Outfit #1

20170822_111157This to me yells out VINTAGE. The reason for that are for the pants. These brown plaid pants are my new obsession. They are so comfy, loose, and so easy to style. I styled the pants with a bright yellow shirt to match the purse. The ruffles on this yellow top adds a great dimension to the outfit. Then for the icing on the cake I decided to add this unique black and gold belt along with my bow black sandals.


Shirt: H&M Pants: Thrift Store ShoesTjMaxx Belt: Sister’s Closest

Outfit #2

20170822_111347 This outfit I feel brings out the detailing of the purse more. It consist of a very simple denim button down dress. Paired with again my bow black sandals, keeping it nice and breezy for a day out with friends.


Dress: H&M  Sandals: TjMaxx


20170822_005422This is more of a fun causal outfit. In this outfit I decided to make it almost like a throw back outfit, combining my ripped denim skirt with my Nickelodeon shirt that contains 90’s shows that we all miss and loved. Here I’m changing up the shoes to a more sporty look with my blue and white slip-ons. I incorporated some of the colors from the purse that match with the shirt and shoes. Making sure that the purse stood out because of its design.


Shirt: Kohl’s Skirt: H&M Shoes: A little boutique in Italy


20170822_111002Going for a more out there look? Then this is for you. No you are not back in the early 2000s, I am really bring back the dress over jeans look and I am loving it. To me this trend will never die out. For months I’ve been trying to find the perfect dress to pull off this look, and I think I finally found it. This dress is amazing because it is so flowy, comfy, and the length is perfect. This outfit contrasts the purse perfectly, making the purse to pop out. The jeans I paired the dress with, go very well with it because it bring a playful but chic look to the outfit. Then for the shoes, I decided to go with my tan short gladiator heels because why the F not lol.


Dress: Forever 21 Jeans: Cotton on  Heels: Lucky Brand

As you can see in all of the outfits, the easiest way you could get started in styling a statement piece big or small is by just incorporating the small detail colors that are on the item. One tip is you never want to go with the main color the item; Just try to remember these two words: CONTRAST or COMPLIMENT. These two words will help you when you are having trouble making a statement item flow into your #ootd.

Feel free to comment below which one is your favorite outfit! I would love to know 🙂

Peace and love,

Melanie S.


 Taking on DIYs.#1

     Hey friend! I’ve been thinking for a while now to make “Taking on DIYs” kind of a series here. I think DIYs are fun and I always wanna see if the things I see on Instagram, Facebook, pinterest, etc are even true. So that once you see me(a normal person , not skilled at any kind of things that involve crafts even though I think I am.) try it, it inspires you guys to try them too,  save some money, and just have fun. Even if some are a fail I will still post them.

     So let’s get started, this first couple of post on this series is going to be mainly room based since I’m trying to redo my room. Sorry mom. 🙂 

     The first DIY project I wanted to try is something I saw on Pinterest. I call it the rainbow calendar. Now if you haven’t seen this, they are pretty darn cute! And with my luck I will mess it up. 

     To start I went to my local home good store that had paint samples. Once I got there I got around 14 samples that made the same kind of affect you see in the picture. And I’m not gonna lie here, 14 paint sample is a lot and I am surprised I did not get questioned about it, but after getting them I went home. 

     At home I had the other materials which really are: a frame, a dry erase marker, paper for the background, and tape or glue which ever you prefer. If you need a frame you could get a very cheap on at your local goodwill, or other Thrift store. Like literally I saw one for 3 bucks. Also I don’t have measurements for the size of frame(sorry) I just kind of went with the best way to measure things, which is by eye lol. 

     So I got all my materials and then I started doing stuff. 

     So as you can see I have this hideous purple background on my frame so I decide to cover it up with two piece of copy/printer paper. Super easy just line them up together so it looks like you never did this and your frame came with a white background. And just tape it down. 

     Then flip it and tape the paper to the backside just so it looks and fits nice and tight. 

     Next I started to cut the the paint samples and I didn’t know what size to cut them to. So again I eyed it and once I got a couple cut up I lined them up and saw if 1. They were going to fit because in the middle of doing it I was thinking that maybe my frame was a little small. And 2. How I was going to arrange my rainbow. 

Trick! Use one of the ones that are already cut as a stencil so they all can be around the same size. Just don’t do a lot at a time.

So far so good… I think.
This is where I got a little nervous… Lesson learned do not eye measure things! 👍

     So during the aligning process,  the order I was going for was like the one in the pinterest picture. What they did was lightest to darkest, but I didn’t like the dark on on the top where the day of the week goes, so I made the very top one the lightest. 

Good news!! They fit!!

     Okay so we are half way done. Now I am going to start taping it down. I used tape because I have no glue in my house. Has be thinking that my family must be against glue and band aids, because we never have any of those two things. 

Oh lord I hope this goes well..

     I started to tape them down and when I did the first row… I knew I F-ed up. Continuing down praying that it will be fixed. I ended up with some space at the end. And also I f-ed up the top too, I left little room to write the month. 

     But…  I LIKE IT. To me it looks very aesthetically pleasing and not so crazy lol. Well except that I can’t tape things down in a straight line!!! but hey no body is perfect. 

     Final step is to put in the frame and write down all the info.

     I messed here again, 1.because this month actually started on Saturday not Sunday and 2.of course the only dry erase markers I had were green. 😐 

     But still I really like it and to be honest I have no idea if I’m going to use it lol. I buy all these planners and calendar but I always end up using my phone. So maybe actually having one up will inspire me to use a f-ing calendar and to be organize. 

     Share your thoughts; Did you like it and wanna see more DIYs or you didn’t and want me to stop this nonsense?  let me know down below in the comment section! 

Next project: a flower wall! 

Till then, 

Melanie S. 

Crepes, Paninis, bonté divine!

From Italy to France…well not really, more like the hitting the side of france lol. We were off to a little independent city on France’s Mediterranean named Monaco! Ahh the great expensive monaco. It is really beautiful, clean, colorful, and tasty. All I can say is I never had so many crepes in my life. Personally I like the caramel crepes better because they are just the right amount of sweetness. And the amount of colorful buildings here is sure to brighten up anyone’s mood. Yet after traveling to Monaco and seeing Monte Carlo my only wish was to hopefully be mistaken for a British socialite named Cordelia, and be invited to yacht parties and such):* but then we got to go to Ajaccio,Corse;yes it is still in french territory. Pictures are just below.

Next Stop: Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona!

Till then,

Melanie S.

*the plot of the movie Monte Carlo(2011) starring Selena Gomez.










Dress:H&M, Shirt: Cotton on, Hat: my own design.














In Monte Carlo, we stopped at a japanese garden.











Dress: Forever 21














First stop Roma

So I recently just came back from traveling Europe. I was lucky enough to explore the countries: Italy, France, and Spain. This is my first time in these countries and one thing I recommend is, don’t be scared to travel. It’s great looking at all these places through a screen, why not go out there and experience these places yourself.  “To travel is to evolve.”

So for the next few entries I will be sharing my photographs with you and hope to convince you to one day go to these places yourself.

*big thank you to Solymar Travel for making this trip a dream come true. 

Till Then,

Melanie S.