I just Watched “Coco” & Let us Discuss… Don’t Worry no Spoilers.

Ever since this movie has come out, I have been wanting to watch it. I heard so much hype about it on how great it is, not only just for children but for adults as well. So I finally got the time on my schedule to watch it. Now let me tell you how it … Continue reading I just Watched “Coco” & Let us Discuss… Don’t Worry no Spoilers.


Taking On DIYs #2: Flower Wall

On this episode you will get to see if it is possible to conquer The Fabulous Flower Wall I saw this picture and I immediately click on it! Huge thank you to Sweet Teal for the instructions. After reading this lovely post, I didn't think it was too hard so I'm going to try it. So I … Continue reading Taking On DIYs #2: Flower Wall

Oh Sh*t, School!

Time flies, it feels like just a few days ago I was applying to colleges now tomorrow I will be attending college...AND I have no idea what to expect :). I am not even ready to put my head into the books again (like if you can't tell by the title of this post) Along … Continue reading Oh Sh*t, School!


 Taking on DIYs.#1

     Hey friend! I've been thinking for a while now to make "Taking on DIYs" kind of a series here. I think DIYs are fun and I always wanna see if the things I see on Instagram, Facebook, pinterest, etc are even true. So that once you see me(a normal person , not skilled at … Continue reading ┬áTaking on DIYs.#1