Oh Sh*t, School!

Time flies, it feels like just a few days ago I was applying to colleges now tomorrow I will be attending college...AND I have no idea what to expect :). I am not even ready to put my head into the books again (like if you can't tell by the title of this post) Along … Continue reading Oh Sh*t, School!


Styling a Statement piece.

  Hi friends, Just recently I started to redecorate my room, so I don't look like a hoarder. While redecorating/cleaning I found this hidden gem!   Once I found this I could not believe that I misplaced it! So you already know the next day I had to work it into my outfit.And this got … Continue reading Styling a Statement piece.

Vamos a España! 

Finally, we made it to Spain!      One of my dream vacation spots is Barcelona and I still can't believe I was there. Plus a bonus, Palma de Mallorca, which if you didn't know is just a ferries boat away from Barcelona. In Barcelona, sadly I wasn't there for that long so all we … Continue reading Vamos a España! 


Crepes, Paninis, bonté divine!

From Italy to France...well not really, more like the hitting the side of france lol. We were off to a little independent city on France's Mediterranean...


Ciao Ciao Italy!

Florence   Pisa       Genova  


First stop Roma

So I recently just came back from traveling Europe. I was lucky enough to explore the countries: Italy, France, and Spain. This is my first time in these countries and one thing I recommend is, don't be scared to travel. It's great looking at all these places through a screen, why not go out there … Continue reading First stop Roma


Adding Color to a Gloomy Day.

Rainy days can really suck, especially if you are not even prepared for it. Well do not worry because I am here to give you some outfits that hopefully spark some inspiration into your next rainy day outfit. Now normally when people think of rainy days they automatically think of gloomy dark colors and normally … Continue reading Adding Color to a Gloomy Day.