Havana oolala | The Streets of old Havana PT2

Hi friends,

Welcome to part 2 of Las calles de la Habana Viejas. I already can’t wait to plan my next trip to Cuba!

The second day in Cuba was a perfect day to get some sun at the beach. The beach we went to was called Santa Maria. It was so beautiful. We were able to buy chairs and umbrellas and if we were hungry, just right outside of the beach there was a restaurant with delicious ham and cheese sandwiches.

After the beach we went shopping and walked around more. This time we stop at a historical place called La Bodeguita del Medio, to have the famous mojito that Hemingway loved.

Cuba is filled with so much to do, a city full of life! I love you Cuba and I hope to see you again❤️

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos of Cuba. Go travel and see the world!

Peace and love amigos,

Melanie S.


3 thoughts on “Havana oolala | The Streets of old Havana PT2

  1. Wow, Cuba is absolutely breathtaking! I am in love with your photos, especially the ones with the rainbow cards lined up. Your photos are amazing, now I want to jet off somewhere too hahaha! x

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