Vegan Ice Cream, YUM | The Greenery Creamery

Hola friends,

This past Saturday me and my lovely friends spontaneously decided to go get ice cream. Now we couldn’t just go to any ice cream place because one of my lovely friends is vegan. So she recently found a little ice cream place in downtown called The Greenery Creamery.  20180528_015629.jpg

The Greenery Creamery makes “handcrafted [ice cream] in small batches” and “each flavor features ingredients that are locally sourced and organic when possible.” They have very unique flavors and refresh their flavors weekly.

This place was super cute even before you step inside. The vibes were very chill and hipster, my favorite decor had to be the light bulbs that were actually ice cream cones.


One really awesome thing is that they had a black cone! The cone was actually made with activated charcoal, so they say it actually cleans your teeth while you eat. 😉 now if that doesn’t get you to try it then I do not know what will.



The flavor I got was called something like “Speculoos” which tasted exactly like cookie butter and it was amazing. All the vegan ice cream they had was coconut based, and you are able to taste the coconut in the ice cream. The coconut with the flavor I got was perfectly complemented nothing was overpowering. Now the black ice cream cone was something I was intrigued by so I had to try it. To me, I thought it tasted like the cereal “Frosted Flakes” but my friends actually said it tasted like burnt popcorn lol. It had a very familiar taste but it was not at all bad.


I got the mini scope, which was pretty much one scope of ice cream, and it was pretty filling. Plus, I added some Oreos on top.


My friend added some rose crystals on top which was pretty awesome! She said they tasted sugary but also a lot like roses.

Afterall this place was pretty tasty and really cute! Totally recommend you guys check it out if you are around this area.





Click here to check out their website to find out more.

Peace and love,

Melanie S.


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