Taking On DIYs #2: Flower Wall

On this episode you will get to see if it is possible to conquer The Fabulous Flower Wall


I saw this picture and I immediately click on it! Huge thank you to Sweet Teal for the instructions. After reading this lovely post, I didn’t think it was too hard so I’m going to try it.

So I went down to the dollar tree to pick up some fake flowers. Lucky for me the flowers came in a back of 6 so I really just grab around three bouquets, so in total 18 single flowers.

Tip:Roses are the easiest to work with, but try to get flowers that are big and open.

Other tools that are needed are: hot glue gun, scissors or wire cutters, and thread or thumb tacks.

So the next step would be to cut the flowers apart and I used scissors so I did not have to go out to buy wire cutters; even though it worked, I think wire cutter would be 100% better just because with scissors you will need to use some elbow grease to get them separated.20170714_132105


As you can see from my face, it was hard to cut with scissors and I didn’t think that I would get it.


But I did LOL

Yeah… if you have wire cutter please use those.

After cutting the flowers it was time to glue them together. What the website said to do was to find the middle part and glue the flower stem to the top of another one. This is where the roses were easier. The roses had a nice little hole in the middle making it easy to put glue and the stem to fit perfectly. 20170714_134317



What I ended up doing was just gluing three flowers in a row. Depending on the how long you want it, and since I am putting it behind my bed frame, Three flowers I thought were a good length since my bed frame is pretty tall. Another tip: make sure to hold it up straight and press down till they dry before placing them down and put extra glue just to be extra secure.



After having all the flowers glued together, You are going to want to get your string or thumb tacks ready. In the Pinterest post they said to use fishing wire as a hook with a pin to put onto the wall. Butttt, 1. I didn’t have enough glue for that and 2. I’m lazy and I don’t think that will actually hold the flowers for a while. Sooo what I did was just got clear thumb tacks and got one of the peddles of the first flowers and pinned it on the wall. AND YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE IT, THEY LOOK LIKE THEY ARE FLOATING ON MY WALL!! SO COOL!


So if you can’t tell, I actually placed them on the wall in a zig-zag pattern just so they had a fuller look on the wall.



I am actually surprised that it came out so good! At first glance I thought I would need just one more flower at the bottom, but then I added some fairy lights on my bed frame and it made it look ten times better!

This cute little DIY project was an easy way to redecorate my room just a little and added a very relaxing vibe in my room.



There are so many other ways that you can complete a similar flower wall, my second favorite way is using cute tape to put the flowers onto the wall.

I spent a total of $3.00 on this whole project. I completely believe that you will not spend more then 10 dollars on this project.

Tell me what you think down below, and I would love to know if you try it as well.

Peace and Love,

Melanie S.


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