Vamos a España! 

Finally, we made it to Spain!

     One of my dream vacation spots is Barcelona and I still can’t believe I was there. Plus a bonus, Palma de Mallorca, which if you didn’t know is just a ferries boat away from Barcelona. In Barcelona, sadly I wasn’t there for that long so all we did was some sight seeing and of course ate some paella. 

     Then in Palma, we decided to do a more adventurous activity. So we went into la Cuevas del Drach and then literally ran back to change for a show. This show was amazing! 100% recommend everyone to see it. The show was called fusion and it was a mix of flamingo dances, acrobat acts, and comedy. 

     This is my last post of my trip to Europe. So hopefully you enjoy my photographs and that they inspire you to explore the world. 

*I wanna give a big thanks to Solymar travel for making this trip possible! Click here so you can book your next dream vacation! 

Till then,

Melanie S.

Top: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Sandals: TJ Maxx, Purse: Loft.


I added this picture because I thought it was pretty cool that I visited a stop that the famous cheetah Girls went to.



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