Adding Color to a Gloomy Day.

Rainy days can really suck, especially if you are not even prepared for it. Well do not worry because I am here to give you some outfits that hopefully spark some inspiration into your next rainy day outfit.

Now normally when people think of rainy days they automatically think of gloomy dark colors and normally want to dress a bit on the gloomy side. Yet to me I think the total opposite. I feel like gloomy days are the perfect days to bring out all those bright colorful pieces out of the closet so you can be shining as bright as the sun, if it were there. 

So just below are three outfits that I believe could inspire the shining sun in you.

Outfit 1:

For the first outfit I was more focused on this bright pink bag, like come on who wouldn’t be it is so bright and playful. This bag is great because it is not only just one solid color. It is two different colors which go very well together. Now since the bag is so bright I decided to go pretty simple with my outfit. Matched the bag with a striped black and white bodysuit, kicked flared light washed jeans, and white jelly sandals. With this look I went for a more causal look for when it is hot outside because when it rains, well at least in Florida, it gets super hot afterwards and you do not want to be caught wearing a bunch of layers on top.


Outfit 2:

The second outfit I decided to really pop! I have a white and light blue/grayish striped dress and paired it with my favorite pair of soft blue heels. These heels are so in right now since they are backless and they are so comfortable! Then since this is post is pretty much about how to stay cute in the rain with bright colors, of course I got my bright lime green raincoat on. I love this look because the dress and shoes like this keeps you nice and airy for that heat waves that will soon hit you after the rain. This outfit is more on the dressy side than the previous one.


Outfit 3:

Lastly for outfit number three I went for a look that is pretty much a go to on a gloomy day. I am wearing a black bodysuit, vintage high-waisted jeans, vintage plum loafers, and matched the outfit with a soft pink bag. I decided that my color pop item in this outfit was actually going to be three items, which are my shoes, bag, and umbrella. These color I feel coordinate well and do not clash at all. 


I hope these couple of outfits gave you some inspiration.  See you in my next post, very soon. šŸ™‚ 

Till Then,

Melanie S.


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